Survival in the Horn of Africa

In 2017 1080 Films was commissioned by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD ) to make a series of 5 short films to document their Biodiversity Management Project. These were shot in the remote region of Lac Abbe, Djibouti, and in Lamu County, Kenya.


Introduction to BMP

Lac Abbe Life on the Edge

Djibouti's Hidden Gem

Fragmented Forests 1

Fragmented Forests 2

ETHIOPIA RISING: Red Terror to Green Revolution

‘Ethiopia Rising’ is our most recent feature length documentary. It tells the story of the phenomenal environmental transformation of a country, told through the eyes of one man, Aba Hawi, aka the ‘man of fire’.

Launched late 2015, it is already attracting great reviews:

“An unmissable film that shows that changes are down to us - down to our understanding of this planet we live on and of each other as people. Dodd is one of a new breed of film makers, part activist, part story capturer, totally committed to things not just remaining as they are. See this film!” Tony Rollinson, Permaculture magazine

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The Man Who Stopped the Desert

The Man Who Stopped the Desert is a one hour feature documentary telling the story of Yacouba Sawadogo, an African peasant farmer who has pioneered a technique that reverses the process of desertification.

Released in 2010, it became an immediate hit with the environmental community…and beyond. It won 6 international film festival awards, has been broadcast or screened in over 20 countries and has been translated into at least 7 languages.

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GMSL - Company background film

Gardline Marine Sciences Ltd (GMSL) are a global operation. They wanted us to make a short film that gives a flavour of what they do. The film is used to promote their services, and to provide new employees with a sense of the company’s working ethos. 1080 Films worked with GMSL every step of the way, from conceptualisation to delivery.

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Victor Deme

Whilst filming in Burkina Faso in 2008 we met a man with an incredible rags to riches story...his name was Victor Deme, a musician from the capital who had the most amazing voice. In 2005 Camille Louvel, manager of Ouagajungle, a live music venue in Ouagadougou met Victor. He was blown away by Victor's incredible talent. With the help of journalist David Commeillas they founded the label Chapa Blues Records to promote Victor's music. The singer started to work on his album in the small studio improvised by the Ouagajungle team at the back of his house in Ouagadougou. The studio was no more than two rooms separated by a truck windshield and equipped with a 16-track console, but it has became the rallying point of numerous talented artists.

Victor's first album was rough round the edges but the contacts in Paris loved it. It went straight to the top of the world music charts. From nowhere, Victor Deme emerged as a top act in the world music scene.

Tragically, in September 2015 we heard the sad news that Victor Deme had passed away suddenly after an attack from malaria. ‘It’s a loss that’s hard to bear, not only because his new career was still emerging. But just imagine the songs that this expert chronicler of the country and its extraordinary people could have come up with and we will now never hear.’ Bram Posthumus - Songlines magazine

Here is the video that we produced as his first music promo, shot over a period of just 12 hours.